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ANA BORZONE is a well renowned Argentinean Sculptor with a long career.
She has recently been selected twice in the "SALON NACIONAL" at the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires. This acclaimed artist did individual and collective exhibitions in U.S.A, Uruguay, Spain, Puerto Rico and Argentina. She has participated in several international shows over the past 15 years, including the ART BASEL 2003 Miami Design District, Miami Latin Museum to mention a few.
Most of her Art Work belongs now to private collectors from Boston, Miami and California as well as to Argentinean collectors from Buenos Aires.
Her work was cataloged in SCULPTURE MAGAZINE, important art magazine in the United States, HOORNIK MAGAZINE (Argentina) & the Book “CONVERSATORIO” 15 Multidisciplinary Contemporary Argentinian Artists.
Her biggest client in three different occasions since 2011 was the “MINISTERIO de TRABAJO y ACCION SOCIAL” (MINISTRY OF LABOR) of the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. One of Borzone’s sculptures was donated by the ARGENTINIAN GOBERMENT, to the ILO (INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION)
in occasion of the achievement of 100 meetings in cited institution in Switzerland.
In the last 5 years, Ana Borzone has donated part of her work to different NGOs from Argentina and the USA, including OB Ocean bank benefits ART Programs in Public Schools; “Casa de la Cultura de la Calle” (Gaston Pauls); “Arte sin Techo” and “Fundacion Juanito” among others.
Having majored in civil engineering, years after graduation Borzone discovered that her vocation was something else: the art of sculpture. Several artists with whom she started to meet motivated her natural instinct and the impulse she needed. Eventually she arrived to Ponciano Cardenas studio where she learned about the art of sculpture and the importance of drawing.
In 1996 she moved to Spain, where she enrolled at the School of Applied Arts in the specialty of sculpture, receiving later on the corresponding diploma. This is where she learned how to handle different artistic techniques such as casting in bronze, wood and marble carving, as well artistic forging. In both Spain and in the U.S (where she lived for more than 6 years) she worked and specialized in all the techniques learned, which provided her a unique knowledge that she capitalized on to translate her ideas into three-dimensionality.
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